"Stefano was invited to my 'Laughter is the Best Medicine' class at Providence, and we were all impressed at the depth of his passion for laughter as a therapeutic tool. His laughter exercises for the class were easy to do, and heartwarming. The exercises not only felt safe and familiar, but they opened up the group to connect with each other in a meaningful way. He is the real deal, in the healing power of laughter."  -Ken Weizer, ND, Providence Oncology

"This workshop with Stefano was truly heartwarming, and quite a workout, too! I hope there will be many more of these for people to experience playful freedom"
-Theodor Arnason Psychologist, Ph.D - workshop participant

"Thank you again for another workshop of fun and laughter.  I am amazed by how quickly total strangers can become friends over a few hours.  The learning environment you create is so welcoming, particularly for introverts like me."
-Patti Howard - workshop participant 

"You took a group of 10 adult strangers, and within 30 minutes had us all trusting and playing with each other as if we were a group of 8 year old best friends.  After 4 hours we truly felt like a family."
-Louis Pearl “Amazing Bubble Man” - performer -workshop participant

"It’s amazing what laughter does for a person!   I was in such a great mood the rest of the day.  My husband told me I need to do something like that more often!!!"

-Carol Ann Carnese workshop participant